About Us


ILFA’s mission is to build legal excellence in Africa by providing access to advanced legal training, networking opportunities and education for African lawyers and senior professionals engaged in the negotiation of complex transactions in Africa.



ILFA furthers its mission through programmes that facilitates interchange opportunities for African lawyers to take part in a three-month secondment programmes in offices of international law firms, corporations, and law chambers.

The Flagship Programme can be described as “simple yet impactful”. Now in its ninth year, the programme has built a network of African lawyers from diverse legal backgrounds. Over the years, lawyers have come from multiple African jurisdictions to take part in a three month work experience in participating firms and corporations.  Each work experience is tailored by the placement to offer unique experiences. Additionally, the programme provides technical training that incorporates modules on various topics relevant to the African legal sector. Finally, the lawyers undergo seminars at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Universities.


Core Programmes

Flagship Programme- Secondment placements in London, Paris, Dubai

Intra-Africa Secondment Programme (IASP)- Secondment placements in Africa. Scheduled to launch in Nigeria 2016




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