Selection Process

Stage 1: Online application
Qualified individuals must apply directly through the ILFA website online application system.

Stage 2: Pre-Screening
Pre-screening of applications will occur on a rolling basis. During pre-screening, ILFA staff and affiliates determine which applications meet basic eligibility. Applications that have met requirements will be forwarded to the National Committees .

Stage 3: National Screening
Short-listed applicants are invited by the National Committees  for in-person interviews. Nominations are forwarded for further consideration to the ILFA Board of Directors.

Stage 4: Candidate Review
ILFA Board of Directors convenes in London in May to review all nominations. Applicants recommended for final consideration may be required to submit additional information for Board review.

Stage 5: Approval by ILFA Board of Directors
Successful candidates will be provided offer letters. Candidates will be given deadlines to provide written undertaking to complete the placement, written undertaking to return home after completion of the placement, Non-disclosure Agreements ect. ILFA Board of Directors has final authority for selection of secondees, and supervises the conduct of the Programme.


*Application to ILFA Programmes does not guarantee an offer.

Selected candidates who do not return the acceptance form by the date listed in their letter/email will be removed from the offer list and their space will be offered to the next most qualified candidate.