About the Application

All applicants must complete and submit an application online. The online application will allow you to enter data, upload documents, and register your reference writers.

• Biographical data
• Personal Statement
• References
• Transcript/Certificates
• Proof of eligibility to practice law
• Resume/CV

Biographical Data

This section of the application asks for all of your basic personal information such as your name, contact information, birth date, etc. It also requires details of your academic background, publications, etc.

Personal Statement

This is a brief written statement or narrative that describes your motivation for applying. It is an opportunity to tell the committee more about the trajectory that you have followed and what plans you have for the future.

The statement can incorporate your personal history, family background, intellectual development, and the educational, professional, or cultural opportunities to which you have been exposed and explain the impact it has made. This should not be a reiteration of facts already listed in the Biographical data section. Please read the personal statement question section carefully before writting and submitting your statement.


You must submit the contact details of two individuals who will serve as a reference for your application. The authors should be the two individuals who can best speak to your ability to be successful in the programme. These individuals MUST NOT be an ILFA Lawyer. There is also a space to include an ILFA Lawyer as a reference. This space is optional.


You must provide transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions from which you received degrees or certificates. 

Proof of eligibility to practice law

Provide a copy of your practising law certificate (i.e admittance to national bar, law society, or legal institution that accredits you as a practicing lawyer). If Applicable.

You must include a resume that details relevant professional experience. It will include a list of academic background, extracurricular activities, and publications. Resume must be in English.

Resume length is limited to a maximum of 2-3 single-spaced pages, Times Roman 12 point font.

Longer resumes will not be presented to screening committees.