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ILFA’s mission is to build legal excellence in Africa by providing access to advanced legal training, networking opportunities and education for African lawyers and senior professionals engaged in the negotiation of complex transactions in Africa.

ILFA furthers its mission through its Flagship Programme; which has been described as “simple yet impactful”.

The Flagship Programme facilitates interchange opportunities for African lawyers to take part in a three-month secondment programme in law offices of international law firms and corporations based in London, Paris, and Dubai. Additionally, the programme provides an academic enrichment series that incorporates training modules on various topics relevant to the African legal sector. Finally, the ILFA lawyers undergo intense seminars at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

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“We Support ilfa because we have key strategic interests in Africa, and it is a great opportunity for Barclays Legal to share experiences with colleagues and input into the continuous professional development of lawyers in Africa.”

Lara Oyesanya, Vice President, Legal Counsel Barclays

“ilfa ….is a way of building a network of contacts in Africa who know how we work and we know them.Our business revolves around strong personal contacts and ilfa gives us the exciting opportunity to build personal links with fellow professionals throughout Africa.”

Tim Jones, Chair of the London Management Group, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

“We support ilfa because the ilfa programme offers a unique opportunity to identify and train able young practitioners to become among the leading African commercial lawyers of their generation….”

Glen Davis, QC, Chair, COMBAR Africa Committee

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