Multi-Award Winning International Training Programme for African Lawyers

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(For placements in London, Paris, Dubai)

ILFA’s mission is to build legal excellence in Africa by providing access to advanced legal training, networking opportunities and education for African lawyers and senior professionals engaged in the negotiation of complex transactions in Africa.

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Firms and Corporations

"The strengthening of the Rule of Law in Africa is an integral component in the advancement of good governance on the continent. The cultivation of African lawyers is central to this objective, and ILFAplays an important role in achieving this. I attended 2009 fundraising dinner for the ILFA programme and gave the Keynote address. I had the benefit of meeting both the African lawyers and the participating firms. I was very impressed by the impact this initiative has made in a relatively short period of time and the nexus of legal talent it is drawing together across Africa."

Olasupo Shasore, SAN-Attorney General of Lagos, Nigeria

"Africa's future prosperity lies in the expansion of good governance and the fortification of the Rule of Law. Enhancing legal expertise and best practice not only assists economic growth, but helps to sustain it. Africa needs lawyers with the ability to engage in international dialogue and the confidence to create a framework for those interested in doing business in Africa..."

Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

“We support ILFA because the ILFA programme offers a unique opportunity to identify and train able young practitioners to become among the leading African commercial lawyers of their generation….”

Glen Davis, QC, Chair, COMBAR Africa Committee

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